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Versatile Application of Illustration
Explore a comprehensive course designed to enhance your illustration skills. This program provides you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to create compelling and well-rounded illustrations. Whether you aim to refine your artistic abilities or pursue a career in areas such as game design or social comics, these skills will prove invaluable.
Game Art 2D Part 1 – UI/UX Game Design
This course is your first step into the world of 2D game illustration. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of your upcoming game project, whether it's the big picture or the intricate details such as game interfaces, layouts, artwork, items, buttons, and more. You'll gain insights into the essential elements and a common formula for success in creating standard artwork for various online mobile game genres. Additionally, practical exercises accompany the course to help you master the necessary skills to become a proficient 2D game artist.
The Journey to Becoming a 2D Game Artist
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