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Flower Wonderland: A Gouache Painting Adventure
Experience "FLOWER WONDER LAND - A GOUACHE PAINTING ADVENTURE"! Create beautiful flowers for decoration and self-expression. Learn drawing techniques for daisies, tulips, dandelions, and roses using gouache paint. Paint stunning flower clusters on torn-edge paper. Utilize recycled paper for artwork. Join this colorful adventure now!
Enhancing Paintings with Materials, Light & Shape
In this course you'll master form, light, and materials. Create a project showcasing your skills in manipulating form, understanding light and shadow, and exploring different materials. Gain advanced techniques to elevate your paintings and express your artistic vision effectively.
Journey to Gouache: Landscape Painting
Gain proficiency in color layering techniques and harness the power of brush texture to infuse life into your artwork. This tutorial also offers valuable tips on improving wrist coordination for smoother and more effective brushwork.
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